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We seek and provide support for orphaned and abandoned children in El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and the U.S.



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We Make A Difference,  One Child At A Time

Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos is our primary beneficiary because of their loving care of orphaned and abandoned children. The children's success stories are incredible! 

The NPH philosophy is to accept children unconditionally, take all the children within the same family, and never place any of the children up for adoption. They grow up in a secure and loving environment where they are taught the values of work, sharing and responsibility. Basic Christian principles guide the children.

Education is critical for these children to break the cycle of poverty. NPH provides each child a minimum of education through technical high school. Many go on to earn their university degree. With training and a degree, a job is not hard to find. 

NPH graduates are teachers, doctors, accountants, farmers, mechanics, artists, social workers, business professionals, secretaries, ...

When their education is completed, the pequenos give back a year or more of service to NPH. To these children, this is not a "have to"; it is a "want to." They believe it is their responsibility to help raise their "brothers and sisters." Most of the "staff" of the homes are pequenos and volunteers from around the world. 

The homes also strive to be as self sufficient as possible with their own primary and secondary schools, clinics, vegetable fields, fruit trees, chicken and hog farms. 

NPH does not receive any financial support from the government or any such agency. Private donations support these children. 

Friends of the Orphans ensures that donations are used in the best possible manner for the children. 

  1. Each NPH home follows an annual operational budget that is approved by Friends of the Orphans fund-raising organizations. 
  2. The Country Directors present an annual report at the international board meeting, which is attended by board members, sponsors, donors, and friends. 
  3. An independent source conducts a final audit. 
  4. Friends of the Orphans staff, board members, sponsors, and donors also visit the children at the homes throughout the year.

 Current Needs are sponsorships and donations to provide for the children.

Become a friend of the orphans. Sponsor a child. Make a donation.  Volunteer.

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