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We seek and provide support for orphaned and abandoned children in El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and the U.S.



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"Be my supporter, my sympathizer ... the one on whom I can depend."

Your sponsorship enables children to have a chance to blossom, grow, learn and dream in a place of hope.  A productive future is now possible for them. 

You have a personal role in helping these children, who have started in cruel circumstances, reclaim their joy of childhood in a safe and loving environment.  Your sponsored child feels that someone (you) now cares about him or her.  He or she is special and loved.

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As a sponsor, you will receive photos of your sponsored child, letters (drawings if too young to write), school progress reports, and opportunities to visit.  Every child loves to receive letters and pictures from his or her sponsor.

For more information, call our Sponsorship Coordinator at 1-888-SHARE-LOVE.

Yes, I would like to sponsor a child.

We are currently experiencing downtime with our forms.  Please call our 1-888-SHARE LOVE number to help the children.  Thank you for understanding.

Any child in need.

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For more information, please email We look forward to hearing from you.