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The Arizona Republic

Last month, Republic columnist Steve Wilson wrote of the Guatemaluian youth, Rudy Jiminez, upon whom I had performed eye surgery in an attempt to improve his lifelong blindness.  I am happy to report that his vision, although far from perfect, has been significantly improved.

It took a team effort to restore his vision. I would like to thank several individuals and entities whose contributions made this effort possible.

Both surgeries were performed at no charge at the Arizona Outpatient   Ophthalmic  Surgery Center in Phoenix. Alcon Surgerical donated the intraocular lens implanted in Rudy's eye. Brian Judd, anesthesiologist  donated his services to ensure that Rudy was pain-free during the surgery.

For no charge, Dr. Shepard Bryan, a retinal specialist, examined and performed studies upon Rudy's  eye  before the surgery to see if the retina behind the cataract was normal enough to result in improved vision.  He also stood ready during the cataract surgery to offer his services.

Allan Alhalt is fitting Rudy with prosthesis at no charge for the eye that was removed in childhood.

Finally, I would like to express my admiration for the Rev. Bill Wasson, his organization, and his staff for their wonderful efforts.  But especially, i would like to thank Rudy for reminding us that even with adversity, there is joy in life.

Thank you Rudy, for your inspiration-- for your smile.

Dr. James R. Meador Jr.


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