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NPH-Honduras Aiding Hurricane Victims

Approximately 100,000 Hondurans were left homeless following Hurricane Mitch. Some are currently being housed in shelters located at schools in Tegucigalpa. Others remain in their destroyed homes or on the street. The government has no contingency plan for providing temporary or permanent housing, and the victims of Hurricane Mitch will be homeless once again.

Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, Honduras, is taking lead role in providing safe, affordable housing for some of those left homeless. Nueva Esperanza is a project formed by NPH Honduras to coordinate selected international assistance. Presently, Nueva Esperanza is coordinating the construction of a housing community northwest of Tegucigalpa. The goal for this project is 100 (6x6m) houses built through community participation and NPH labor over the coming year.

Friends of the Orphans visited the new housing site on 1/19/99. Homes in the development will be worked on by those who will live there, The first house is being constructed by a team of pequenos from NPH-Honduras under the supervision of an experienced builder whose family will occupy one of the homes. His own home was washed away by the flood.

Cost to build each home is approximately $2,500. Local materials and resources will be used, including bricks made in a local factory adjacent to the Nueva Esperanza project. Jobs in the community will also aid the victims.

You can help build a home for the victims of Hurricane Mitch by making a donation today!

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