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We seek and provide support for orphaned and abandoned children in El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and the U.S.



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Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos Homes Affected by Hurricane Mitch 

Guatemala. The orphanage there is near Chimaltenango, about 35 miles northwest of Guatemala City. 22 inches of rain were reported in Guatemala City. 83+ children reside at the home and all are safe.

Honduras. 40+ inches of rain have fallen in Tegucigalpa, bridges are out, roads washed away and blocked by mud slides. NPH has offices in Tegucigalpa and an orphanage with 557 children in the mountains outside of the capital city. All children are safe, and they are sharing their food, clothing, and supplies with some of the reported 1,000,000 people left homeless by the flooding.

Nicaragua. The orphanage is located on the Island of Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua. 226 children reside in the home. The children are safe, with insignificant damages to the facilities. Food prices have more than doubled. 

Anticipated Needs:

First, please keep the children, as well as all of the hurricane victims, in your prayers. We anticipate an influx of children as a result of this disaster, and there will be an added strain on our homes and facilities. Food prices have already risen, and medicine, clothing, and other supplies will be needed. Your financial support is greatly appreciated... more than ever at this time.

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